Christchurch quake victim's family hope for justice in court

A Christchurch family has finally got its day in court following the death of their son Matti McEachen in the Christchurch earthquake.

Commercial property manager Chris Chapman is facing a charge of disgraceful misconduct at a disciplinary hearing for allegedly failing to inform tenants that the building was unsafe.

Bruce McEachen, Matti McEachen's father, has waited over seven years for this day.

"We are hoping to find the truth which is exactly the same thing the latte drinkers the Crown Law office couldn't do - so we are looking for the truth today," he said.

He's looking for the truth as to why his son Matti McEachen died in the February 2011 earthquake while working in a building that was deemed unsafe.

Harcourts Property Manager Chris Chapman acted as the property manager and denies the charge of disgraceful misconduct under the Real Estate Agents Act.

Mr McEachen said "This is really important... this could well be the only case of all 185 people that died. This could be the only case that gets to court so there is a lot of pressure on it."

Matti McEachen was killed by falling masonry as he tried to flee the building in the February earthquake.

It had earlier suffered damage to its exterior walls in the magnitude 7.1 September quake the previous year, and had been yellow stickered.

Police launched criminal investigations into four building collapses across the city - including the one Matti McEachen died in - and three of those prosecutions have been shelved.

The decision as to whether any charges will be laid over the failure of the CTV building is due out soon.

Mr McEachen said the family want to see a result for Matti. "Even if the result doesn't come out our way at least we have had the satisfaction some form of justice has been done."