Clamped car in empty carpark enrages Canterbury academic

The car in question.
The car in question. Photo credit: Twitter.

A university lecturer has posted an expletive-laden rant online after finding a single clamped car in an otherwise empty university carpark.

Dr Jarrod Gilbert from the University of Canterbury posted the video on Twitter on Monday, and can be heard exclaiming, "It's the goddamn holidays, so what sort of a f**kwit would you have to be clamp someone's car?"

"University security you bunch of f***ing w***ers. It's not my car by the way, but jeez - there's some f***in' idiots out there."

Dr Gilbert told NZME, "I just thought it was some poor bloody student. Give them a break, I mean good God, it costs!"

A University of Canterbury spokeswoman told NZME there were signs in the parking area warning that parking regulations applied from 8am to 5pm on weekdays all year, except public holidays.

The university's parking regulations say breaking the rules results in a $50 clamping violation for the first offence, and all money goes to the university.

There has been no word as yet from the car's owner.