Cloud of plastic bags fly away from Dunedin landfill

Video has emerged showing a cloud of plastic bags drifting through the air away from a Dunedin landfill and potentially towards a nearby beach.

At first look, it just looks like another flock of birds flying through the air but on a second look, the video provided to Newshub, shows countless plastic bags gliding aimlessly.

"A flock of seagulls flew over us, when I looked up I thought it was just the birds but then realised it was heaps of plastic bags flying around in the sky," the person who shot the video and wanted to remain anonymous said.

"Some were higher than the birds, there was so many.

"I understand it's a place for rubbish but why is there bags in the air like that, what's happened to recycling? It can't be good for the environment."

A statement backed up but recent figures showing close to eight million tonnes of plastic is dumped into Earth's oceans every year.

However such scenes might not happen in future with pressure building for a tax on plastic bags and the removal of plastic bags in supermarkets on the cards for Kiwi consumers.