Community spat over 'For Rent' sign in New Plymouth

Real Estate Sign
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A property manager and a disgruntled residents association have been scrapping over the placement of a 'For Rent' sign in New Plymouth.

Pukeko Rentals property manager Stacey Tancred was puzzled to discover the 'For Rent' sign she'd erected had been removed.

She was advertising a rental in Fairway Villas, a gated community with brand new houses in the Links Development.

She discovered who removed the sign from Links Drive, and found out the local residents association had a rule banning rental advertisements.

The sign was removed by residents group member Ken Hargraves, who said she hadn't asked permission and there were too many signs in the area.

Ms Tancred said was told by some members the sign would "bring the place down".

She said there's an attitude from some residents that "tenants aren't as good as owners," an assertion she rejects.

"There's a massive rental shortage in the country, we're just trying to help as best we can," she told Newshub.

The association seemed to think that people wouldn't drive around looking for rentals, Ms Tancred said, but she believes that signage is an important way to advertise to potential tenants.

Since the story was first reported, Ms Tancred has had "snide comments and looks" from people in the community.

"We've had a lot of backlash, it's been not much fun at all really," she said.

She was told she could put up a 'For Rent' sign in the window of the property itself, but a sign on the road outside the gated community would not be permitted.

She says the ordeal has "caused enough raucous" and she's now moving on, sticking to advertising the property on Trade Me and on her company's website.