Cyclist forgives driver who hit him on purpose

A cyclist injured in an alleged road-rage incident says he's forgiven the driver and wants to meet him.

Wairarapa man Sean Woollgar had just left his local supermarket and was biking down Victoria Street in Carterton on Friday, when a driver began tooting his horn and yelling at him.

He moved to the side of the road in the hopes of avoiding the aggressive motorist, but the man, who was driving a station wagon, mounted the curb and ploughed into Mr Woollgar, badly injuring his right leg.

"I was lying on half my stomach and my leg was at this crazy, unnatural angle," Mr Woollgar told Newshub. "I went to lift it to straighten it out and it just flopped over, like there was no connection to my body."

The driver got out of his car to check on Mr Woollgar, but his concern didn't last long.

"He said, 'Are you alright, are you alright?'" Mr Woollgar told Newshub. "I went, 'No dude, you've broken my leg,' and then he said, 'Serves you right,' and got back in his car."

The alleged offender then drove off, but was arrested a few hours later.

Mr Woollgar was left with a fractured femur and will spend the next four months on crutches, but says he's forgiven the man, and now wants to meet with him to try and understand what happened.

"There must have been some really horrendous things that have happened to him to have this kind of anger to do this kind of thing, to drive a car into a cyclist on purpose and mount a pavement."

The driver will appear in the Masterton District Court on Thursday.