Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki tells White Ribbon to 'man up'

The Destiny Church leader accuses the domestic violence charity of acting "nasty".
The Destiny Church leader accuses the domestic violence charity of acting "nasty". Photo credit: Getty

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki says domestic violence charity White Ribbon needs to "man up", after he was asked not to attend an anti-violence march.

White Ribbon says the We Stand Because We Care community event on Saturday appears to have been "taken over" by Destiny Church group Man Up New Zealand - and Mr Tamaki's "homophobic remarks" don't fit in with White Ribbon's kaupapa.

"We thought it was organised by the community," White Ribbon campaign manager Rob McCann told Newshub. "They're using the White Ribbon name for purposes we don't approve of."

However Mr Tamaki has responded to the criticism in a fiery Facebook post, accusing the charity of acting "nasty".

"To be honest I don't need white ribbon to march with..they probably need us though..but the way they hv acted (nasty) we could nd should hv continued to do it together [sic]," he wrote.

"The Top White Ribbon Awards (4 of them) this year were all Won by Man Up..O the irony of it all!! but white ribbon,for whatever the mad reason decided otherwise [sic]."

Mr McCann says they are concerned that Destiny Church is promoting messages that do not fit in with the kaupapa of White Ribbon.

"Many of Brian Tamaki's views are not compatible with White Ribbon values," he wrote in a letter to Man Up, and supplied to Newshub.

"The inclusion of suicide awareness in the event is incompatible with the homophobic attitudes of Destiny's Church, and the statistical evidence that the LGBTQ community is over-represented in suicide statistics."

White Ribbons says that unless Mr Tamaki withdraws and the event's message is "realigned" to match White Ribbon's 2017 campaign focus, it will withdraw its White Ribbon ambassador and insist that the White Ribbon name be removed.

However Mr Tamaki is criticising White Ribbon and the media attention - and says he will still attend the event despite the consequences.

"We hav practical answers nd solutions working every week in small groups all over nz..Australia nd now in USA/Africa/Europe nd others [sic]," he wrote.

"All without a single cent from the Tax-Payer nope no Government funding at all you cn pull out..but to criticise nd talk like you nd others do might suggest to me white Ribbon nd News Hub may need some Man Up sessions themselves [sic].

"Happy day all see you when you all looking at me tommow [sic]."

White Ribbon has responded to Mr Tamaki, saying it struggles to understand his post.

"Brian Tamaki's message is very confusing and we're unsure what he's trying to say," Mr McCann told Newshub.

"But contrary to his accusation that we are being nasty, we are standing up for all the people that take part in White Ribbon - and that includes the LGBT community."

Destiny Church twice refused to comment on the matter when contacted by Newshub.