Dog mauled to death in Hamilton

Dog mauled to death in Hamilton
Photo credit: Facebook/Marama Bowler

A Hamilton woman's small dog was mauled to death on Saturday by a rottweiler.

Marama Bowler said the dog which attacked her "fur baby" was not on a lead.

In public posts on Facebook and Instagram, Ms Bowler recounted the event which left her feeling "empty".

"When we got to the dog park I let you skip off the lead to run around, then I put you both back on because I thought you guys might enjoy a swim in the river, I knew the perfect spot too. 

"As we got to that 'perfect spot', a rottweiler appeared in our path just as I was pulling you and skip away he ran up and started sniffing you both. I'm still pulling you both away from him because he wasn't on a lead and his owner wasn't in sight, I also told him to go away. 

"I turn my back for split second next thing I feel a yank on the leash I turn and I just see you getting thrown around like rag doll. I tried yanking you back to protect you but he had you locked in his mouth. 

"His owner suddenly appeared after hearing my cries for help. She eventually got him away from you but you were lifeless, I stood back in disbelief of what I'd just witnessed."

The owner of the attacking dog reportedly thought it was swimming in the river.

Ms Bowler adopted her dog from her boyfriend's grandfather when he passed away in 2015. 

Despite the loss, she says she is reluctant to lay a complaint as she has "a huge heart [for] all animals, especially dogs" and fears this will paint a "horrible picture" of the rottweiler breed.

She says the owner of the rottweiler surrendered it, and it was put down.

Newshub has approached Ms Bowler for comment.