Dunedin drivers hitting the curb to get past traffic

Dashcam footage has caught drivers hitting the curb to get past backed up traffic on a motorway off-ramp in Dunedin.

Video supplied to Newshub by a local, shows vehicles regularly mounting the curb and driving on the footpath to bypass other motorists who are waiting to get through the intersection in the suburb of Green Island.

"A couple times there's been almost wing mirror to wing mirror incidents and I've had it a couple times that I've been abused because I haven't moved over for somebody," Graham Griffin says.

"I would hope that the police would take at least some action towards this, it's been going on for a number of years."

Mr Griffin says he's contacted police but nothing has been done about the problem. 

"I was told basically because there was low risk of damage or injury that it was low priority and almost a waste of time," Mr Griffin adds.

Dunedin, Google
The Southern Motorway off-ramp. Photo credit: Google

Police say there has not been a fatal or serious injury crash at this particular location and add they are under resourced to police this driving behaviour.

"[We] would love to be able to put a marked patrol car outside every school, black spot, intersection and highway but the reality is that [we] have to assess the risk and deploy accordingly," Sergeant Graeme Evans said in a statement.

"If the people who regularly speed, use their mobile phones, follow too close, plus those who drink and drive, showed some respect for their fellow man, then we could free up some resources."

Watch the video.