Erebus memorial to be erected for 40th anniversary

  • 28/11/2017

On the 38th anniversary of New Zealand's worst aviation disaster, the Government has committed to building ab national memorial to the victims of the Erebus crash.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told Three's The Project that she is committed to ensuring a memorial is built before the 40th anniversary.

The placement and look of the memorial is still undecided, but Ms Ardern says the process of creating the memorial will be collaborative with the families of the victims and Air New Zealand.

"[We're] just really pleased that we can further this one on behalf of families - it's been a long time coming."

All 237 passengers and 20 crew were killed on November 28, 1979, when an Air New Zealand sight-seeing flight crashed into Mt Erebus, on Ross Island in Antarctica.

In 2009, then-Air NZ chief executive Rob Fyfe formally apologised to family of the deceased and unveiled a commemorative statue the airline's Auckland headquarters.

Reverend Dr Richard Waugh, a spokesperson for the campaign for a national memorial, is very excited about the opportunity for the memorial.

"I think the families have been remarkably patient, but New Zealand needs to act and the government's made a decision, which is just fantastic," he said.

Watch the video for the full The Project interview.