Family shares harrowing dairy robbery footage

  • 29/11/2017
Family shares harrowing dairy robbery footage

An Auckland dairy-owning family have shared a video of their brutal assault and robbery to highlight the dangers faced by the profession.

In surveillance footage given exclusively to The Project, Nanu Patel can be seen closing his dairy for the night before a hooded assailant forces his way in.

Nanu is knocked to the ground and punched repeatedly by the man. A second thief runs in and jumps over the counter, assaulting both Nanu's wife, Hasumata, and their daughter.

The Patel family have received overwhelming community support since the attack, but the fear of it happening again hasn't gone away.

"I'm really worried. Just upset now, you know," says Hasumata, who received a black eye after being hit.

Aggravated robberies in some parts of Auckland have risen more than 20 percent in the last year, despite a $1.8 million government security fund for small businesses.

The Patels want everyone to see the footage of their violent ordeal, in order to know the horror dairy owners are threatened with every day.


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