Family syndicate claims $19 million Powerball prize

A Wairarapa family syndicate of three-generations has claimed the $19.1 million Powerball First Division prize won in Greytown last week.

The winners, who wish to remain anonymous, purchase a ticket together every draw using numbers that are special to the family.

"As soon as I saw the winning numbers in the paper the next day, I thought they looked very familiar," said the winner who purchased the ticket. "But I couldn't bring myself to check our ticket."

It wasn't until a few days later that the winner finally mustered the courage to check that little yellow piece of paper - and discovered just how special those numbers would be to his family.

"I kept seeing things in the paper saying the prize hadn't been claimed, so in the end I stood up and told my wife, 'This is it - I'm checking it!'"

"I saw the winning line straight away and thought, 'Hello, yeah. Those are the numbers in the paper!'"

After checking the ticket several times, the winner raced to tell his family the good news.

"I ran to my wife shouting 'We've got it, we've got it!' I was in such a state, crying and howling and holding my chest," said the winner.

The lucky winner gathered up his family to celebrate.

"Everyone was standing in the lounge checking the ticket over and over again. It took a while before they all believed me," laughed the winner.

The winners then took their ticket to a local Lotto store to claim their prize. With the winnings now safely in their bank account, the family syndicate is looking forward to enjoying their prize.

"The most important thing for us is that the family is looked after - all the kids and grandkids, in every generation. It will make a real difference to so many people," the winner said.

"We're also looking forward to helping out some local charities - we feel very fortunate and want to share that good luck around."

The winning ticket was sold at Fresh Choice Greytown for the Lotto draw on Wednesday 22 November. The other $19.1 million Powerball winner is yet to claim their prize.