Former gang member turns to Destiny Church

A former Mongrel Mob member has traded in his patches to join Destiny Church, saying he is on a new journey.

In a popular Facebook video, Atkins Poi says: "It's time to make changes and get rid of the old and take on the new."

He says it is time for him and his brother to hand in all gang-related T-shirts "and time to put on our new T-shirts - Man Up Tutangata".

"We're handing these back to where they belong, because they don't belong along our journey. We got a new journey and it's Tutangata Man Up brotherhood."

Man Up is a 12-week programme that is part of Destiny Church, run by bishop Brian Tamaki's son, Caine Warren.

Running since 2015, it's designed to help men "become better fathers, husbands and leaders in their home and community".

It addresses the problems of family violence, anger, depression, obesity, divorce and addiction, according to the Destiny's Church website.