Gareth Morgan's furry predicament

Wannabe politician Gareth Morgan has found himself on an embroidered portrait using hair from the very animal he believes should be culled.

Amy Baker Embroidery's creation is on display at the Otago Embroiderers' Guild's exhibition in Dunedin until Saturday and features the millionaire in a halo of pussy fur.

Gareth Morgan, Art
The full portrait. Photo credit: Newshub

"When you make your name by speaking out on a subject so dear to many people, it's bound to result in repercussions," Ms Baker says on her Facebook page.

"This is possibly one that Mr Morgan didn't anticipate. His likeness, embroidered on a bed of felted cat fur."

Gareth Morgan, Donald Trump
Donald Trump. Photo credit: Williams Photography

Mr Morgan's view on cats is no a secret - in 2015 he called cats serial killers and for them to be controlled of culled.

Earlier this year US President Donald Trump had the honour of being embroidered, his creation came after she was inspired by one of his many outrageous moments and his orange skin.

"I am not a fan of Trump, and the research I did for this piece reconfirmed my position on this," she said.

Gareth Morgan, Art
Oscar the cat helped provide the materials needed. Photo credit: Supplied

The Otago-based embroiderer says each piece is an arduous task that takes up to 60 hours to complete.

"The idea of using cat fur came up because I'm often sitting there grooming my birman cats Oscar and Monty, and end up with lots of cat fur. It is very easy to turn into felt by hand," Ms Baker says.

However other Kiwis politicians aren't safe either - Winston Peters is said to be the next one on her list and if Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is in her sights, maybe the First Cat of New Zealand, Paddles, could chip in with some hair of its own.

"It's nice to be able to show people that embroidery is not just doilies and flowers. It has a role in commenting on current events," Ms Baker adds.

"I like to do a lot of research and reading about the person before I do the artworks. I need to understand who they are before I start to stitch them."