Hero steps in to stop vicious beating at train station

An Upper Hutt man has been labelled a hero after he stepped in to stop a brutal attack taking place at an Upper Hutt train station.

Mark Andrew, 49, says he couldn't stand by while a man was being attacked, so he yelled out to call the police and intervened in the fight.

According to Mr Andrew the victim fell the ground and was being kicked in the head when he ran over and pushed the attacker out of the way.

The fight didn't end there, as the attacker tried to get past Mr Andrew to continue the assault before eventually leaving.

Later on another man, who had been filming the fight, returned to the station and tried to attack the victim again but Mr Andrew tackled him.

Mr Andrew believes safety on the trains is getting worse and the lack of a guard at the station contributed to the attack.

"There was no guard or security or anything and these guys could basically do what they want," he said.

"If there was a guard there they could have possibly seen something was wrong and maybe rung someone."

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