Kanoa Lloyd: 'I feel sorry for Don Brash and William Gallagher'

  • 27/11/2017

The Project host Kanoa Lloyd has slammed Don Brash and Sir William Gallagher for their recent comments surrounding Māoridom, saying she doesn't "want to still be talking about this".

Former National Party leader Brash wrote on Facebook on Friday that he's "utterly sick" of people using Aotearoa's indigenous language - one of its three official languages - "in what are primarily English-language broadcasts". 

Outspoken fencing magnate Sir William Gallagher has also previously attacked Māori and the Treaty of Waitangi, saying the Treaty is a fraud and that 'Māori' wasn't a term used to describe Maori before 1850.

On Monday evening's episode of Three's The Project, Kanoa Lloyd gave an impassioned delivery against the various recent opinion pieces against Te Reo being used in everyday life, saying she "felt sorry" for those giving them. 

"When I first read the reckons of Sirs Gallagher and Brash (sic), my eyes rolled so far back in my head, I tipped off my chair," Lloyd said in a monologue. 

"Are we honestly still talking about this?" 

She also touched on fisherman Dave Witherow's Otago Daily Times opinion piece, in which he said he was mad "Māori snowflakes" are insisting on having their names pronounced correctly. 

"How dare we?" Lloyd questioned. 

"Now we've arrived at the point in this piece where I call on everyone to do something, make a change.

"But I don't need to - change has already happened, the earth is not flat, climate change is real, vaccines don't cause autism and The Treaty was signed!    

"And we're speaking Māori!

"So, after reading about the reckons of Sirs Gallagher, Witherows and Brash, I got up from the floor and felt sorry for them. Sorry, the world is changing too fast for you, my bros.

"But the debate, it's over.

"So, until you join the rest of us, Ka Kite anō."