Kiwi conservationist Pete Bethune stabbed in Brazil

  • 22/11/2017

A New Zealander has been stabbed in Brazil while on a mission to fight poachers and loggers.

Pete Bethune was approached by two attackers while trying to rent a boat in Brazil and stabbed with a large rusted knife. 

According to doctors Mr Bethune is lucky to be alive after the knife got caught between two ribs and narrowly missed his lungs.

Mr Bethune told The Project he spotted one of the attackers approaching him, and immediately thought he looked suspicious before the man pulled out a knife and the second attacker tried to grab his bag.

"I really thought my number was up. I was battling for my life," Mr Bethune said, describing his attempts to shake off the attackers.

He reported the attack to the police, but Mr Bethune says he's shaken by the incident and won't be leaving his hotel room until he needs to.

He doesn't believe that the attack was motivated by his work in conservation, but rather a simple robbery that went awry.

Mr Bethune was able to speak to his daughter after the attack and says he's very relieved to be alive.