Large Nelson bush fire blamed on fireworks

Fireworks are thought to be behind a large Nelson bush fire, which multiple crews battled for hours on Friday night.

Christchurch fire communications shift manager Rewai Grace says it's "a shame if people were irresponsible and the fire was started by that".

First reports of the blaze in Maitai Valley came in at 9:35pm, with the caller believing it was started by a firework.

"When the crews arrived they found a very fast moving fire 200 square metres, and unfortunately with the terrain and being night time it was in quite a dangerous situation," Mr Grace says.

Five crews from Nelson, Hira, Tasman Rural, Brightwater and Appleby stayed at the scene until 1am on Saturday.

"It looks like the crews have done a really good job and we've got a couple of crews standing by just mopping up and turning over a few hotspots so hopefully the last of the fire crews will be out of there by late this afternoon."

A helicopter is also on standby in case the fire flares up.

Mr Grace says it is "up to the officer in charge" whether any action is taken against those who set off the fireworks.

"But we are hoping that if people are still using fireworks they do it safely and in places where these sort of things won't happen.

"The last thing we want is for someone to get themselves in serious trouble by a silly mistake. So fingers crossed we won't have any more of these this year."

Despite ongoing Guy Fawkes safety concerns, sales skyrocketed in New Zealand this year, according to pop-up fireworks stores.

There have been three Guy Fawkes incidents this year involving serious injuries.

Six people, including children, were burned when fireworks display in Christchurch went wrong.

A four-year-old suffered second and third degree burns and required skin grafts, while a 12-year-old was hurt after she used her own body to shield a baby.

A 20-year-old man was taken to Southland Hospital after being hit in the eye by a skyrocket, and in Pukekohe, a man fell into a bonfire.