Lotto: Luckiest places to buy a ticket

  • 15/11/2017

Lotto's Powerball has skyrocketed to a massive $32 million on Wednesday night, plus the first division prize of $1 million.

If it's drawn, this will be the third largest jackpot in New Zealand's history.

That's a life-changing amount, so large, it can be hard to visualise. On the current minimum wage income, it would take more than 900 years to earn that amount - and that's not including tax.

But if you hope to pick up the lucky ticket, some places are better than others. Here's Newshub's guide on where to go to beat the odds.

Lotto:  Luckiest places to buy a ticket
Photo credit: Newshub.

The luckiest Lotto shop in New Zealand is the Hawke's Bay's Unichem Stortford Lodge, with a staggering 45 first division winners sold.

Next comes Richmond Night 'N Day in Nelson, with 32 wins, and then Coastlands Lotto on the Kapiti Coast.

So far this year, 46 Lotto players have become overnight millionaires and 13 players have already won the Powerball jackpot.

Good luck!