More street battles between Tongan and Samoan league fans

The ugly street brawl on Wednesday night was captured on video. Credit: Timothy Ah Chong / Facebook

Tongan and Samoan league fans have clashed again in a vicious battle in south Auckland.

The ugly street brawl on Wednesday night was captured on video, despite calls from police for calm.

It's the latest violence to break out before the Toa Samoa vs Mate Ma'a Tonga game in Hamilton on Saturday.

Tensions rose after a photo was posted to Facebook showing a young man burning a Samoan flag, and this was followed by mobs of rugby league fans fighting in the street in Otahuhu earlier in the week.

The new footage shows a gang of yelling and screaming Samoan supporters surrounding a vehicle, while someone is attacked. The sound of breaking glass can be heard, while others attempt to defuse the situation.

"Wrong hood mate, wrong time wrong place," someone says.

"You're in the Samoa hood. Six thirty-five!"

The actions of the youths have been condemned by both the community and police.

"F**k man we all polynesian man," one person said on the Facebook video.

"This is disgusting ruining it for every other tokouso out there that are wise enough to keep the peace but yet u lil immature f**ks wanna do this. Proud Tongan right here so make love not war," another said.

Counties Manukau West Area Commander Inspector Naila Hassan says it's important supporters out in public behave responsibly and with consideration for others.

"We want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves, but most importantly we want everyone to be safe.

"We urge supporters to be respectful of the community, local businesses and residents at all times when out in public," says Inspector Hassan.

Police are appealing for both sides to reduce tensions.

"Overall supporters have been well behaved, however the actions of a small number of people have been disappointing," says Inspt Hassan.

"We want everyone to enjoy the tournament and have fun, but please remember to behave responsibly and show respect for others." 


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