New Kiwi app dubbed 'Tinder for activities'

Christchurch, Tinder
Emily Heazlewood launched the app to help people find true love in experiences. Photo credit: Supplied

A 22-year-old Christchurch entrepreneur has launched New Zealand's newest app, Romer, also known as Tinder for activities.

The free app lets users swipe left or right on options for dining, drink spots, and plenty of outdoor adventures.

App, Christchurch
Romer app. Photo credit: Supplied

Emily Heazlewood launched the idea in a bid to take the difficulty out of arranging plans and activities with friends.

"Millennials get a bad rap for being more disconnected than ever before, despite having more tools available to us to communicate with each other," she says.

"So much of what happens online stays online. I wanted to create a platform that gets people out there doing stuff with each other and encourages them to discover new things.

"Romer helps people discover more than just a place; they discover a must-do experience."

Users can suggest adventures for others to enjoy and upload ideas which are credited to the user who submitted them.

Romer is available  for download and covers all of New Zealand with Ms Heazlewood hoping to take the app around the world.