Outrage at Gareth Morgan's dead cat jibe after death of Jacinda Ardern's pet

Social media users have lashed out at Gareth Morgan after he used the death of Jacinda Ardern's cat to push his own agenda.

On Wednesday morning the failed politician commented on a post by Newshub who broke the news Paddles, the 'First Cat of New Zealand', was hit by a car the night before.

"Was it out wandering? If so does this reflect the value the PM puts on NZ wildlife?"

The Opportunities Party leader is outspoken for his view on tightened feline control, and has previously said cats are "serial killers" and need to be controlled or culled.

"My request of every cat owner in New Zealand is to make this cat your last," he said in 2013 after his 'Cats to Go' campaign launch.

"They're defecating, and that's the first thing, so that's a toxoplasmosis issue, but the thing I'm far more concerned about is the wildlife."

But today's comment went too far, Twitter users say.

"Crikey Gareth, the poor cat's only just passed away, and I don't think there's many Kakapo or Black Robins in Grey Lynn to hunt," One user commented.

"The bloody thing was wandering in Wellington try again," Mr Morgan replied - seemingly unaware the Prime Minster lives in Auckland.

"Ever wondered why you only got 2%? Good policies, shit personality," another user added.

Others noted that while Mr Morgan had a point, using a death to get that point across was tasteless.

"Clearly this tweet reflects your need to be right and get your name in the paper regardless of when/why. Being intellectually 'clever' doesn't automatically make you right in all situations. All you've done is prove you're a vain, mean person."

"Every and any chance for media attention much mate? ... she just lost a pet."

The Opportunities Party has fallen short of the 5 percent threshold required to enter government in the 2017 election, receiving only 2.4 percent of the vote.


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