Police recruitment video draws month's worth of enquiries in one day

It's slick - and very Kiwi.

Police say hundreds have expressed interest in joining the force, after the release of their elaborate recruitment video.

The release of the video comes as police gear up to hit the new Government's ambitious target of 1800 more officers in three years.

Dubbed the 'World's Most Entertaining Police Recruitment Video' by New Zealand Police, the clip has been viewed almost two million times since it was posted last night.

It cost $350,000 dollars to produce and includes a cameo by Commissioner Mike Bush, who says it's part of a push to attract more diverse recruits. 

"We don't have much trouble recruiting people who look like younger versions of me, but we really need people who represent our community," he told Newshub. 

More than 70 police staff took part - as well Kiwi social media star William Waiirua. 

About 400 officers graduate police college every year, but Bush says that number will need to increase significantly to reach the Government's target of 1800 new officers by 2020. 

"We're confident we'll do our part to make that happen," he says. 

National's Police Spokesman, Chris Bishop, says the video is already a success, but he thinks the Government might fail with its ambitious recruitment target.

"All the indications I've seen is that it's very unlikely the Government will achieve its target of 1800 new frontline staff," he told Newshub. 

But Police Association president Chris Cahill says the 1800 figure is worth pursuing, even if it takes long than planned.

"Look, it's realistic, but it's a hell of a big ask - we accept that," he said. "And look, if it was to take four or five years, so be it." 

Police say nearly 500 people have enquired about a career in the force since the video was released last night. 

That's the same number they'd usually get in a month.