Samoa vs Tonga violence: What do south Aucklanders think

As Samoan vs Tongan violence continues to break out in South Auckland, Newshub took to the streets to see what people think before the big match at the Rugby League World Cup on Saturday.

On Thursday an estimated 150-200 people gathered at the MIT carpark carrying poles, sticks and even a machete. Six people were arrested for disorderly behaviour and possession of offensive weapons.

We asked who's to blame - and what message people have for the youths causing the brawls.

"I don't think the mature people done that, I think just only the teenagers," one woman told Newshub.

"Just kids and adults being immature. In the end it's just a game. All one nation," a man said.

"Should be one nation, we're all the same, Samoa and Tonga," another woman said. "We have no hate towards each other."

Their calls have been echoed on social media by rugby league fans with the hashtag #Tokouso, disappointed the ugly scenes are undermining their Pasifika brotherhood

And the people of south Auckland have a plea for the community.

"Please don't make any violence or conflict between Tongan and the Samoan. We're all Pacific Islanders."