Shot Wellington cabbie now fears job

  • 20/11/2017
A Wellington taxi driver fears his job after he was shot by a passenger.
A Wellington taxi driver fears his job after he was shot by a passenger. Photo credit: Getty

A Wellington taxi driver fears getting back in his cab after he was shot in the shoulder by a passenger who refused to pay a fare.

Police are still hunting for a couple after the driver was shot in the suburb of Miramar on Saturday night after taking them from the central city.

The man pulled out pistol and shot him when he refused to get out of the taxi, the driver, named Alem, originally from Ethiopia, told Radio NZ from his hospital bed.

"I don't even care about the fare. I never asked them, but I do care why I be shot. Why?"

Alem, whose right shoulder was broken in two places where the bullet went through bone, told the broadcaster he was scared to get back into a taxi.

Police are yet to release a description of the man and woman they are seeking over the shooting. They have been going through CCTV footage and examining the car.

They are also appealing for sightings of the white Capital Taxis Toyota Camry, and potentially the offenders, on Stone Street about 9pm.

The fare dispute escalated to a "staggering level of violence", Detective Senior Sergeant Tim Leitch says.

"This type of crime is unusual for Wellington and we want to reassure the community that police are focused on finding those responsible and recovering the weapon," he said.