Sober Safe chatbot app a hit with Kiwis

  • 18/11/2017

More than 11,000 kiwis have signed up to use the Sober Self chatbot in an effort to drink more responsibly, with almost half of those aged 18 - 24.

The joint initiative between responsible drinking campaign Cheers! and Uber sends the user a personal reminder message through Facebook messenger when it is time to head home.

The Sober Self Bot also sends reminders to its users to drink water and eat food while out and users are rewarded with discounted Uber rides if they go home at the time they set for themselves.

"It's exciting to see more than 11,000 New Zealanders now thinking about responsible drinking through the Sober Self Bot, especially young people who are more likely to adjust to their long-term drinking habits," spokesperson for the Cheers! campaign Matt Claridge says.

The Sober Self Bot is part of a broader multi-media campaign called a 'Night to Remember' which includes outdoor posters, digital advertising and social media.

"The Sober Self Bot reminds you of the plans you made before you went out whether it's getting up early to go to the gym, or catching up with your kids or 

your mates the next day. And what better person to remind you to get home than your 'sober self'," Mr Claridge says.

General manager for Uber New Zealand Richard Menzies says the number of repeat Bot users is a positive sign the initiative is working.

He hopes to continue encouraging responsible drinking through discounted Uber rides as the silly season ramps up.