'Stop the violence' - Tonga, Samoa rugby league supporters' plea for peace

The Samoan and Tongan communities are attempting to defuse tensions before their Rugby League World Cup match on Saturday, as fears grow the violence will lead to injuries or death.

On Thursday an estimated 150-200 people gathered at the MIT carpark carrying poles, sticks and even a machete. Six people were arrested for disorderly behaviour and possession of offensive weapons.

On Wednesday, video emerged of an ugly street punch-up in south Auckland, showing a gang of yelling and screaming Samoan supporters surrounding a vehicle, while someone is attacked.

And earlier in the week mobs of rugby league fans fought in the street in Otahuhu.

Samoan and Tongan police have issued a heart-felt message to the community.

Their calls have been echoed on social media by rugby league fans with the hashtag #Tokouso, disappointed the ugly scenes are undermining their Pasifika brotherhood.

Community leaders are also attempting to calm the situation before things get worse. Tongan Advisory Board Chair Malino Mako and Manukau Ward Councillor Efeso Collins, from Samoa, appeared on The AM Show on Friday with a message: "We're better than that."

"I just think this is excitement gone overboard and it's encouraging our young people especially to learn how to channel this," Mr Collins said.

"This is young people trying to manage their impulses and when you get so excited it boils over."