Sunscreens pulled from shelves for false advertising

Two sunscreens have been pulled from New Zealand shelves after tests revealed they weren't nearly as protective as advertised, a consumer advocacy group says.

Consumer NZ is now calling for mandatory standards for the industry.

The group says the maker of Pure Blend Sunscreen SPF15++ will stop selling the product after tests showed it to only actually have a sun protection factor - or SPF - of four.

Snowberry's Family+ Sunscreen SPF30 has also been recalled after it was found to only have and SPF of 20.

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin says neither of the products had actually been tested on people before going to market, despite the Australian-New Zealand standard requiring an assessment on at least 10 volunteers.

The core issue was New Zealand's sunscreen standards were voluntary, she said.

"While companies are encouraged to comply with the Australian-New Zealand standard, it's clear some don't," she said.

"Making the standard mandatory would help ensure consumers aren't misled about the protection a sunscreen provides."

The group says it will now be testing more sunscreens and publishing the results later in the year.