Taxi driver says he won't drive again after being shot

A taxi driver who was shot in Wellington at the weekend says he won't drive taxis again.

Alem Tesema was released from hospital this afternoon, two days after his terrifying ordeal.

"For me, I am lucky, I just don't believe I am alive really," he told Newshub.

Mr Tesema now back at home and being supporting by the Ethopian community.

The attack happened during his first job of the night, after he picked up a man and a woman on Courtenay Place.

He said they were both wearing sunglasses and acting strangely.

"I turn on the light and say, why your sunglasses? Why you hiding things, you know?"

They wouldn't give Mr Tesema a precise destination, but when they ended up at Stone Street in Miramar the pair allegedly jumped out of the cab - without paying.

"They just beside me, opposite side, with the gun saying come out the car, come out. He is swearing to me, I say is this a joke or something, I don't know," Mr Tesema said.

But it wasn't a joke, police have described the gun as a small caliber weapon.

After he was allegedly shot, Mr Tesema put his head down and accelerated away, making it to a nearby service station.

Mr Tesema says he will never forget the night.

He arrived here as a refugee 20 years and has been driving taxi for 15 years - a job he can't return to.

"It's not easy to take away from your brain really, still I am thinking about it, I am still in shock."

The Ethiopian Community in Wellington is fundraising to support Mr Tesema while he is unable to work.  

Police are actively searching for 26-year-old Dylan Nuku in relation to the shooting.

They say he is armed and dangerous and should not be approached.

Anyone who sees him is being urged to call 111 immediately.

Detective Senior Sergeant Warwick McKee is appealing for Mr Nuku to hand himself in.