The West Auckland pomeranians with 60k Instagram followers

Four pomeranian dogs from West Auckland have become an international internet sensation.

Poppy, Simba, Winnie and Phoebe belong to west Auckland next-door neighbours Sarah Wong and Lucinda Dam.

Ms Wong started off the pomeranian family with Poppy and neighbour Ms Dam fell in love.

"They just kept multiplying," says Ms Wong.

They created their Instagram account 18 months ago, intended just for family and friends. They now have almost 60,000 followers and growing.

"It just started off as something low key and Lucinda has grown it into this monster," says Ms Wong. 

But Ms Dam insists it's "all credit to the dogs".

She's made a few outfits for the dogs herself and fans send them in from all around the world.

But it goes beyond a few photos - it's had another unexpected outcome, bringing the global pomeranian community together.

"If there are any poms that are needing surgery, or if something comes up and the owner can't afford it, they kind of all band together and do donations," Ms Wong says. "So that's really nice."

So what's the secret to a successful Instagram account? Just good photos, apparently.

"Well, we have Simba and Winnie, who love to pose," says Ms Dam. "So, as long as you have a box of treats, they're good to go." 

Getting all four to sit quietly for a photo, however, is a bit more of a challenge.