Kiwi woman looking for mothers to donate breast milk to 'Wet Fridge'

A Waikato woman is looking for donations to her new "Wet fridge" breast milk bank project.

Breast milk banks were previously popular in the 1980s, but died out due to HIV concerns.

Kyro Selket is bringing the trend back and working to open a new breast milk bank in Hamilton after discovering women were having trouble feeding their babies.

"We gave away tampons and stuff like that to women because we knew that there was that need… While we were doing that that we were actually had some young women come up and ask me 'have you got any formula'," she told Three's The Project.

"They really wanted to give their baby breast but they couldn't do it and they wouldn't go to WINZ because they didn't want people to know that they were having problems feeding their children."

Ms Selket says she's still working through the details, but all milk will be "looked at" before being passed on to babies.

Watch the video for the full The Project interview.