Weather: Forecast for warm summer across the country

  • 30/11/2017

A weather forecaster says this summer is set to be a scorcher.

The beginning of December marks the official start of summer in New Zealand, and warmer than average temperatures are in store for the whole country.

But NIWA weather forecaster Chris Brandolino told The AM Show wet weather is still on the cards towards the end of the season.

"Of course it will rain.

"If there's going to be [more] rainfall than normal, it's going to happen for the upper North Island and to a lesser extent the eastern North Island.

"But it looks like the west of the South Island - so Southland, West Coast region, Queenstown, Wanaka - could see a dry summer.

"Likewise for the east of the South Island, so Canterbury down towards Coastal Otago."

Mr Brandolino says it's a "win" for holiday makers.

"[But] there will be cool days or cool spells and whether it aligns with your holiday or not... that's a weather forecast.

Show co-host Mark Richardson had a gloomy prediction of his own.

"I've warned people, alright. Warmer water, more sharks, weather events - could have Sharknado."