Wellington youths attack baby boy with rotten sandwich

Leigion is doing "okay" despite the bruising.
Leigion is doing "okay" despite the bruising. Photo credit: Joval Bennett/supplied

A 13-month-old boy suffered bruising when hooligans threw a tightly-packed rotten sandwich at him.

Leigion was his mother Joval Bennett's car, sitting in a forward-facing seat for the first time, when she pulled up at an intersection in Evans Bay, Wellington, on Thursday afternoon.

A red hatchback pulled up alongside them, and one of the three youths hurled the lunch item out the window.

"Who thought it would be funny or amusing to brand a rolled-up rotten sandwich through the window into my one-year-old son's face?" Ms Bennett asked on the Vic Deals Facebook page.

"You should be ashamed of yourselves."

She said her son screamed in a way she'd never heard before, and the sandwich was so tightly rolled it left him with a bruise and a small graze above his right ear.

Her 10-year-old son, also in the car, was unhurt.

She reported the incident to police, who said enquiries were ongoing as of Friday morning.

Ms Bennett told Newshub her boy was doing okay, but she was upset by "stink comments" from people on social media assuming she was smoking in the car.

"I hope I see you cruising in your car again today because I'm gonna show you how it feels to have a huge bruise on your face," she wrote on Facebook. "You disgusting piece of crap."