Auckland man wins $19m in Lotto, still shows up to work

The Warkworth man who won a massive $19.1 million on Powerball last month, still turned up for work and was told to go home.

"I play Lotto religiously, but it wasn't me," one of the workers on the $710 million 18.5km Puhoi-Warkworth Motorway project told TVNZ.

The worker said the winner was part of his work team and shocked everyone by still coming to his shift after the big win. 

"He turned up for the work, and I think the rest of the team said, 'mate, you probably need to go home'," the worker said.

The winning tickets were drawn on Wednesday, November 22, with the lucky Warkworth winner sharing the massive $38m jackpot with a Waipara syndicate.

The lucky winner has remained anonymous, but previously shared how he gave his partner a huge surprise after finding out he had won. 

"I wandered in the house and casually asked her 'did you hear someone in Warkworth has won $19 million?'," he says.

"When she turned to look at me I said 'and you're looking at him'."