Auckland mother kicked off bus for breastfeeding newborn, made to walk home

  • 20/12/2017
Auckland Transport is reminding staff breastfeeding is "strongly supported".
Auckland Transport is reminding staff breastfeeding is "strongly supported". Photo credit: AP

An Auckland mum says she was forced to walk 20 minutes in sweltering temperatures with her newborn baby after being kicked off of a bus for breastfeeding.

Ranui woman Jamie Deane told Stuff she was travelling from Henderson to Massey in west Auckland on Friday afternoon when a passenger complained to the driver about her breastfeeding.

"I was fully covered and had a cloth over me," Ms Deane told Stuff.

"You couldn't see any skin."

But shortly after the bus pulled over and the driver asked her to get off.

"He said 'you can't be breastfeeding on a bus. That's just wrong'," she claimed.

Ms Deane says she felt like crying with embarrassment, especially when no other passenger stuck up for her.

It was then a 20-minute walk to her friend's house with her baby in her arms.

NZ Bus general manager Claire Neville told Stuff they were investigating the incident, which had not been reported.

Auckland Transport metro service delivery manager Stacey Van Der Putten told Stuff all staff will be reminded breastfeeding in public is "strongly supported".