Auckland rest home dementia resident missing for one month

A dementia sufferer who vanished from her rest home north of Auckland has now been missing for a month.

Maree Wilkins, a resident at Leigh Road Cottage in Whangateau was last seen around 8pm on November 7.

The 84-year-old was reported missing the next morning.

While police are no longer actively searching for her, the case is still open.

"We've followed a number of investigative avenues. We've had a number of possible reporting sightings from as far north as Whangarei to as far south as South Auckland," says Sergeant Scott Sherer from Warkworth police.

"We've followed each of those to the best of our abilities and unfortunately we haven't had the breakthrough that we're looking for."

Sgt Sherer says they're still keeping an open mind.

"There's a number of possibilities and we'll take information as it comes to light," he says.

An internal investigation is now underway at the rest home into what happened.

The owner told Newshub Ms Wilkins' disappearance has been a traumatic time for everyone involved and changes had already been made at the rest home, including the implementation of cameras and a second gate.

Whangateau resident Angie Harvey has been searching for Ms Wilkins for the past month.

"I was really hoping we could find her or find something for the family just for closure. I'm really sad for Maree and I'm sad for her family," says Ms Harvey.

Ms Wilkins' family are all overseas and she had been placed into the rest home around six months ago.

"She's been put there to be safe and secure so what's gone wrong? How has she managed to just disappear without anybody noticing?" says Ms Harvey.

Police say any new information will be followed up.