Auckland's forecast: Drought, extreme weather and ocean acidification

A new report warns Auckland's climate will only get hotter over the next 100 years.

Auckland Council commissioned NIWA to analyse projected climate changes for the Auckland region if global emissions continue on the current path.

The study finds the number of hot days, (days with temperatures above 25degC), could quadruple and average temperatures increase by up to 3.75degC by 2110.

Drought and more extreme bursts of rainfall are in the forecast, along with rising sea levels.

The health of our oceans is also under threat - ocean temperatures are increasing and ocean pH is decreasing, making our waters more acidic.

The council says the report will help them plan on how to cope with the changes.

"Better information about how Auckland's climate is changing will help Auckland make more effective decisions about our future," says John Mauro, Auckland Council's chief sustainability officer.

"This means building improved resilience with every decision we make, like how we provide community services, when and where we develop our infrastructure, and how and when we make investments to generate better value for Aucklanders."