Auckland teens' heroic actions save 81yo's life

Two Hibiscus Coast teenagers are being hailed as heroes for saving the life of an 81-year-old man who fell from a cliff at a north Auckland beach on Tuesday.

He was trying to jump into the water but slipped and landed on rocks, suffering serious injuries.

The teens had also gone to the cliff to jump when the accident occurred.

"We heard a crash and a bang. I think it was his son that saw he wasn't OK," says Kieran Pangalila.

"He jumped in after him and we thought we might as well jump in and help out."

The teenagers helped get the man to shore.

"Kieran had to go behind his head as there was quite a lot of blood gushing out at the time," says Billy Dowd.

The pair lifted him up onto the rocks as the tide was sweeping in. They also helped carry his stretcher up the bank and assisted the fire crew in putting him into an ambulance.

The man has fractured his skull, but is expected to make a full recovery.

The family have commented on Facebook that they plan to thank the boys in person. The boys are just thrilled he's going to make it.

"I think just knowing that he's OK and knowing that we helped pleased me and made me happy. Knowing that I did something that helped him," Mr Dowd says.