Australian biker gang The Comancheros building strength in NZ

  • 29/12/2017
The photo containing the alleged gang members.
The photo containing the alleged gang members. Photo credit: Facebook.

Australian biker gang "The Comancheros" may be establishing a foothold in New Zealand. 

A photo posted to the Facebook page "Gangs of New Zealand" on Wednesday shows five men, two of whom are wearing Comanchero paraphernalia, along with the caption:

"Comanchero New Zealand. Making moves here in Aotearoa. Respect."

Chris Cahill, president of the Police Association, told Newshub it's "no surprise" we may be seeing a rise in Comanchero and affiliated gangsters.

Mr Cahill says the Australian government is "targeting gang members with New Zealand citizenship" and deporting them back wherever possible. 

"Some of these gangs are very experienced. They have international links and that's adding to the level of concern we have in gangs around New Zealand."

He says one of the major concerns with gang activity moving over from Australia is that as we are a small country, they are likely to quickly clash with other gangs as they compete for turf.

While Mr Cahill says police are "aware that several members of the gang have been deported to New Zealand", they do not have any knowledge of them being in violent confrontations with other gang members.