Body bag sent 'flying' through Auckland intersection

A body bag has fallen from the back of a hearse at an Auckland intersection.

Video shows the hearse making a right turn from Sandringham Rd onto Balmoral Rd on Wednesday, followed by a black body bag on a gurney rolling behind it.

From the footage, it appears the body bag rolled out of the boot as the car accelerated to make the turn.

The motorist who caught the incident on dashcam, told NZME he was "shocked".

Watch the video here

"Next thing you know I see the stretcher with the body on it flying through the intersection."

The vehicle immediately stops and a motorcyclist helps the driver load the gurney back in to the boot.

Davis Funerals managing director Craig Little told NZME there was no body inside at the time - although he can "understand why people might think" there was.

Mr Little explains a "metal bar" in the bag could have looked like human feet.