Chicken tied to car in Auckland rush hour

  • 22/12/2017
Chicken rooster
It's not clear what happened to the chicken. Photo credit: Mike Watton/supplied

Auckland motorists have been shocked to witness a chicken being towed behind a car in rush-hour traffic.

The unlucky fowl was spotted on Sunnybrae Rd on the North Shore on Thursday afternoon.

"There is no way it was keeping up and there was blood everywhere. It wasn't the prettiest sight but it was still alive and moving around," commuter Michael Watton told NZME.

The driver had been travelling at about 15km/h and when he came to a stop a man went up to the his window and started yelling at him until he got out.

"I don't think the [driver] had a clue that it was there. From what I could understand from what he was saying it was probably his kid who tied it to the back of the car and then he had driven off," Mr Watton said.

The driver then untied the chicken but Mr Watton didn't know what happened to it after that.

Police say the incident was not reported to them.