Chopper crash survivors speak out about negligence that killed their friend

The survivors of the 2014 helicopter crash near Wanaka have spoken out about their frustration at the company responsible's failure to follow aircraft protocol.

Jerome Box was killed and four of his friends suffered moderate to serious injuries when the overloaded AS350 helicopter, operated by The Helicopter Line, crashed into Mt Alta.

Craig Pierce told Newshub that the crash that killed Jerome was "entirely avoidable".

"It's incredibly disappointing to think that the absence of some fairly simple steps has results in Adelle losing her husband, the kids losing their father."

He says New Zealand needs a serious attitude adjustement when it comes to health and safety.

"'She'll be right is not good enough, it really means 'can't be arsed'".

Adelle Box, Jerome's widow, says an apology from The Helicopter Line would have helped, but she never received one.

"Accountability and apologies go a long way," she says.

Greg McLeod says he can't bear to think about August 16 2014, a day which was meant to be enjoyable.

"To think that we went and signed up for a day's skiing and simple things weren't followed. It's sickening now to think about that."

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