Council votes to grant $10m to ChristChurch Cathedral

  • 19/12/2017

Christchurch City Councillors have voted to grant $10 million to the restoration of ChristChurch Cathedral.

The decision was made by a 13-4 vote from councillors at a hearings panel meeting on Tuesday morning.

Councillors Sara Templeton, Mike Davidson, Deon Swiggs and Yani Johanson voted against the $10m grant, while Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel, Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner, and councillors Glenn Livingstone, Tim Scandrett, David East, Jamie Gough, Anne Galloway, Aaron Keown, Jimmy Chen, Pauline Cotter, Vicki Buck, Phil Clearwater and Raf Manji voted in favour.

The multi-million dollar pledge will make up a funding package from the Crown and the Council.

The Anglican Church's governing body voted to restore the quake-damaged building at a cost of $104 million earlier this year.

The council grant will be funded by ratepayers, most likely at a cost of $12 a year for six years.