Eight detained for Head Hunters meth cooking, selling operation

A Head Hunters gang member was alleged to have smuggled Actifed from Fiji.
A Head Hunters gang member was alleged to have smuggled Actifed from Fiji. Photo credit: NZ Police / File

A police investigation into a Head Hunters-linked drug operation has resulted in eight arrests.

Operation Boeing was launched in late 2016 and centred around a Head Hunters gang member who was alleged to have been smuggling Actifed into the country from Fiji via a container ship.

Actifed contains pseudoephedrine, an essential ingredient in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

On Sunday, December 10 the gang member and his supplier were arrested in Auckland after allegedly being found in possession of four kilograms of Actifed.

Six more people were arrested on Tuesday morning at five different Auckland properties, and police say they are not ruling out the possibility of making more arrests.

Detective Inspector Paul Newman says police are not surprised that the Head Hunters are involved in the drug operation.

"The Head Hunters have absolutely no care or regard for the harm they inflict on families and whānau by manufacturing and supplying methamphetamine," he said.

"They continue to take advantage of the addictiveness of this drug in order to profit from it."

Those arrested on Tuesday morning include four men and two women, all of whom are involved in an organised criminal group. The group faces a range of charges, including supplying meth, manufacturing meth, possession of meth and money laundering.

They are scheduled to appear in the Auckland District Court on Tuesday.