Fires could be banned as temperatures soar

Fires could be banned as temperatures soar
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Fires could be banned in some regions of the country before Christmas, as the country scorches under high temperatures.

Most high fire risk parts of the country are already implementing restrictions, meaning permits are required.

Canterbury regional manager Richard McNamara says without any significant rain, the fire risk will get worse.

"It's likely that we'll be going in to a prohibited fire season around about Christmas time.

"It's just a factor of the weather. These are beautiful summer days we're getting but we normally expect these days in February. We're getting them in early December."

A controlled burn-off in Wairarapa blew out of control on Thursday, and stone strike from lawnmowers have also started fires in recent days.

"There are fire dangers rising and communities need to be safe," Mr McNamara says.

"Our crews don't need to be overworked at this time of year so be safe with fire."

Mr McNamara says if you're not sure, just ask.

"Our crews are there to respond and they will. But let's give them a break too.

"Let's be safe with fire, let's be well versed in how we manage fire on the ground.

"Whether it's scrub fire where you're burning off vegetation or whether it's a pile burning in your backyard."

To learn more about fire restrictions or applying for permits, call 0800 658 628.