Former National MP Todd Barclay enjoys paid summer holiday through Europe

Disgraced former MP Todd Barclay has enjoyed a two-month summer holiday of Europe, all the while being paid by the New Zealand taxpayer.  

Mr Barclay toured Italy, Croatia and Greece, while still receiving a $3000 per week pay packet, reports NZME.

In June the former National MP announced he would not stand again following the 'phone tapping' scandal - but under Government regulation he still receives his salary until December 23.

In total Mr Barclay will receive $80,000 of taxpayer money, before tax, over six months.

Mr Barclay was the youngest-ever elected MP in the House of Representatives in 2014, but his career crumbled when it emerged he had made secret recordings of staff members he suspected of criticising him.

Former United Future leader Peter Dunne defended Mr Barclay, telling NZME that he was a private citizen now and free to spend his money and time as he pleased. 

"That's his life and responsibility and good on him for getting on with it. I think in his circumstances to get right out of New Zealand was the right thing to do."

Mr Barclay has made no formal comment.