Friends of teenage window washer return to work at the spot he was hit

Friends of a teenage window washer, who was killed on the job, say it hasn't put them off window washing.

Sixteen-year-old Cayson-Lei Walters died in hospital, a week after been hit by a vehicle in Greenlane in Auckland.

Although the practice is illegal, today Newshub witnessed two teenagers, who said they were only aged 14, washing windows at one of Auckland's busiest intersections.

They were at the same spot Mr Walters died, where they used to work alongside him.

Last month, teenage window washer Cayson-Lei Walters was critically injured after being hit by a vehicle here.

He was described by one of his friends as "a normal boy, like a church boy... he was a crack-up half the time".

At the time Mr Walters was hit, while jogging across the road, police were at the intersection, speaking to another window washer.

They say Mr Walters was not running away from police, but moving in their direction and didn't see the car coming.

One of his friends told Newshub that his death was "truly sad" and it "brings back memories coming here".

But it doesn't put them off coming.

As Newshub filmed, four teenagers zigzagged in and out of traffic, trying to clean windscreens.

Two of them told Newshub they're only 14 years old, the other two are aged 15 and 16.

"There's nothing else to do, but jump onto a set of lights," one of them said.

"Can't get into a course, can't get a job until we're 16... That's why we're out here doing lights."

While we were filming, police showed up and spoke to the young group, before taking them away.

One local employee told them this problem has been going on for years, and while police may come and take action, in many cases, the window washers return the very next day.

Within about half an hour, the group of teenagers was back.

Police said they'd stolen brushes from a petrol station, so took them back there to apologise.

Police want to emphasise that window washing is dangerous and can cost lives.


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