Get your first look at the proposed America's Cup 2021 village

An animated video released on Friday afternoon gives yachting fans their best look so far at plans for the 2021 America's Cup village.

The video was designed by Dunedin-based company "Animation Research", whose 'Virtual Eye' sports division has been involved with the America's Cup since 1995.

Its software will be familiar to most fans, as it creates the 3D imaging of the race, which airs during TV coverage. 

After observing the debate over plans for the America's Cup village, Animation Research CEO Ian Taylor thought he should lend a hand.  

"They're debating about something they haven't seen," he said. "So I suggested to Team New Zealand that 'Why don't we just make the base, so people at least know what they're talking about'."

A couple of weeks ago, Mr Taylor made a similar video, in which he outlined a '30-year vision' for Dunedin's waterfront, and says the response to it was "incredible". He hopes the Auckland animation will rally the same support.

Team New Zealand posted the video to its Facebook page with the comment: "An exciting vision for the America's Cup event venue", saying that it "shows how the new concept will deliver a first-class event space with minimal harbour extension". 

Mr Taylor wants America's Cup organisers to realise that "what you're arguing about is not a boat race, you're arguing about a chance for New Zealand to again show the world that we are a very smart country".


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