How to beat the holiday traffic

How to beat the holiday traffic
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Traffic becomes heavy around the holiday period as travellers try to escape the main cities, but it may be possible to scrape past the bad spots, or at least have some warning before you hit them.

The NZTA has predicted all the heavy traffic spots over the holiday period and compiled it into a chart for motorists to check.

Here's what to expect in the main centres over the next two days.


Heading north, around Puhoi the heaviest traffic should be over by 3pm on Boxing day, but it will be heavy from 9:30am to 5pm on December 27.

For those who want to avoid the Warkworth/Puhoi area altogether, take SH16 to bypass it.

Headed south at Takanini, the traffic is a bit easier. It's expected to be mostly over by 1:30pm on Boxing Day and on December 27 it's expected to only be heavy from 9:30am to 3:30pm.

It might be best to avoid Sylvia Park altogether though - Boxing Day sales mean the area is heavily congested.


It's expected to be heavy through Otaki as Wellingtonians escape the capital city, but should clear around 3pm.

December 27 is expected to be difficult though, with traffic expected to be heavy from 9am to 5:30pm so it's best to avoid the area or prepare for some time waiting.


Traffic is lighter in the Garden City, but there are still expected to be heavier times, especially on SH1 headed north in the Waimakariri.

The worst of the traffic should be over by 12pm on Boxing Day, but will be heavy from 9:30am 12:30pm on December 27.