'I was born here, alright?' - Auckland woman's racist outburst at Asian driver

An Asian motorist has captured an Auckland woman's racist outburst on camera, after her ambitious driving manoeuvre was nearly thwarted.

The moment came just after 7am on Wednesday, and shows the woman whizzing past Eric Ng's car via the median strip, in preparation for a right turn.

The problem is that she entered the median very early, and nearly prevented Mr Ng carrying out a right turn himself.

After an attempt at entering the turn ahead of her, Mr Ng managed to just slip in behind without blocking the traffic in the left lane - but the woman did not take kindly to his efforts to go in front.

After settling at the red light, she exited her car and approached him.

"You are wrong, you need to wait," she said.

"You were [driving] all the way from there," Mr Ng responded.

The woman then takes issue with his complaint.

"Hey, don't yell at me mate - I'm a New Zealand citizen. I was born here, alright?"

After erroneously accusing him of not putting a seatbelt on the children in his backseat, the woman then says Mr Ng just "needed to give a bit more notice" of his intention to turn right.

By the time she's finished with her xenophobic comments, the light has turned green and then gone red again, and her decision to get out has cost both her and Mr Ng their chance to turn right.

She opts instead to illegally cross into the left lane at the intersection and go straight.