Israel Institute condemns New Zealand's vote in UN

The Israel Institute has accused New Zealand of voting with "the mob" in its recent vote in the United Nations. 

New Zealand's UN representative was one of 128 that condemned Washington's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, while Australia and Canada were among the 35 who abstained.

David Cumin of the Israel Institute told Newshub it hoped New Zealand would counter "some of the anti-Israel bias, but unfortunately New Zealand seems to be voting with the mob".

But Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern defended the decision, saying what had happened in recent times didn't bring the Middle East closer to a peaceful solution. 

"We've always supported a two-state solution, and our view is that Jerusalem and issues around religious sites needs to be resolved within the context of establishing that two-state solution," Ms Ardern has previously said.

Ms Ardern said Britain and many EU members took exactly the same position as New Zealand.

President Donald Trump has threatened to cut off aid to countries that oppose his decision regarding Israel.